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A stunning woodland trail taking you to the heart of the extensive Blean Woods and including open countryside and farmland and typical Kentish villages

Recommended for: hardy cyclists with map reading skills

Not recommended for: families, children, elderly cyclists.

Distance: 10 - 12 miles

Time: Approx 1hr 30 mins

Terrain: Some steep hills and slopes.

Surface: Compacted gravel. Muddy rutted footpath. Tarmac roads.

Traffic: Some minor roads and one steep and busy road

Signposted: No. (Detailed map and instructions only)

Tips: Use The Blean Wood Trail to link the other two routes. The woods are stunningly beautiful. Look out for rare butterflies, Silver Washed Fritillary, Purple Emperor and White Admiral have been spotted along the trail.


Combining The Crab and Winkle Way, The Oyster Bay Trail and The Blean Wood Trail. Starting from Canterbury, Whitstable or Herne Bay take a circular route combining the best countryside, woodlands and coastal scenery of all three routes.

Distance: Starting from Canterbury: approx 30 miles. Starting from Whitstable or Herne Bay: approx 26 miles.

Time: 2 hours 30 minutes - 3 hours

Tips: Use the Herne Bay link to cut distance (approx 5 miles) and time (approx 30 mins) from your journey.


A beautiful ride through woods and trees, orchards, farmland and open countryside following the route of the 'first regular, passenger, steam railway line in the world'!

Recommended for: all competent cyclists. An adventurous / challenging route for children and elderly cyclists. Not recommended for Child Trailers (unless you are happy to lift the trailer over 2 gates).

Distance: 6 - 7 miles

Signposted: Yes. (Detailed map and instructions also supplied)

Time: Canterbury to Whitstable, approx 1hr 15mins - Whitstable to Canterbury (more uphill) approx 1hr 25mins

Terrain: Gentle hills and slopes, some quite taxing for anyone unused to cycling.

Surface: Compacted gravel - can be a little muddy in winter.

Traffic: Almost entirely traffic free. Some back streets and alleyways at the beginning and end.

Tips: Start at 10am if you are planning to cycle both ways - allowing plenty of time to explore Canterbury or Whitstable before turning back. There is much to see in the famous (and now very cool) oyster town of Whitstable and a wealth of heritage in the historic city of Canterbury. The journey times sound short but the route is a real adventure - you won't be disappointed.

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A useful shortcut between the Oyster Bay Trail and The Blean Wood Trail, saving half an hour to an hour on the circular route, passing The Kings Hall Theatre and Herne Windmill.

Recommended for: all able cyclists. Not recommended for children. Some moderately busy roads.

Distance: Approx 2 miles.

Time: Approx half an hour.

Signposted: No (follow the map instructions)

Terrain: Some short, steep sections.

Surface: Mainly concrete and tarmac roads

Tips: Travel on a Sunday in the summer season to visit Herne Windmill (check website for opening times -

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An exhilarating scenic ride along the coast between Whitstable, Herne Bay and Reculver, with beautiful views over the sea and coastline made famous by the paintings of JMW Turner and including a visit to the Roman / Saxon heritage site of Reculver.

Recommended for: all competent cyclists.

Distance: 8 - 9 miles in total (Whitstable - Herne Bay 4 miles / Herne Bay - Reculver 5 miles)

Time: Approx 1hr 30mins each way

Signposted: Yes. (Detailed map and instructions also supplied)

Terrain: Almost entirely flat.

Traffic: Almost entirely traffic free

Surface: Mainly Concrete - a grass section at Reculver with plastic webbing underneath

Tips: Start at 10am if you are planning to cycle both ways - allowing plenty of time to explore the coastline and stop for a swim on your own secluded beach!

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