An exhilarating scenic ride along the coast between Whitstable, Herne Bay and Reculver, with beautiful views over the sea and coastline made famous by the paintings of JMW Turner and including a visit to the Roman / Saxon heritage site of Reculver.

Recommended for: all competent cyclists.

Distance: 8 - 9 miles in total (Whitstable - Herne Bay 4 miles / Herne Bay - Reculver 5 miles)

Time: Approx 1hr 30mins each way

Signposted: Yes. (Detailed map and instructions also supplied)

Terrain: Almost entirely flat.

Traffic: Almost entirely traffic free

Surface: Mainly Concrete - a grass section at Reculver with plastic webbing underneath

Tips: Start at 10am if you are planning to cycle both ways - allowing plenty of time to explore the coastline and stop for a swim on your own secluded beach!